UX/UI & Visual Concept

Rich Casino stands proud thanks to the professionalism and courtesy with which each member is treated and this alone makes it one of the best, providing countless hours of entertainment to online casino enthusiasts around the world.

My experience working with some highly professional people in the online casino industry was to create daily promotional campaigns for the players as well as implementing the designs for the casino websites, creating promotional banners for each campaign, and all with mobile UI/UX  in mind.

We had to adapt designs from the typical online casino player to the typical online bingo player. One main difference between the two was the platform from which they used to engage to our entertainment products: casino players preferred “fast-paced engagement” and used a mobile device, most of the time their pre-paid phone, while the over 50 mature women that played bingo were using their desktop computer, or even the office ones, sometimes.

Applications for Client
  • UX / UI
  • Landing Pages
  • Promo Campaigns
  • Social Media
  • Digital Media

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