How to buy bloktopia

In the right column there is a search bar, now make sure “ETH” is selected as we are trading ETH to altcoin pair. Click on it and type in “BLOK”, you should see BLOK/ETH, select that pair and you should see a price chart of BLOK/ETH in the middle of the page. After going through a similar process as we’ve done before with UpHold, you will be advised to set up 2FA authentication as well, finish it as it adds extra security to your account.

  • Within Bloktopia, one of the main income earning opportunities for investors is through advertising.
  • Although if managed properly it is in fact more secure to store your assets in your own private wallet than on exchange wallets.
  • A “Crypto OG” who has been active in the cryptocurrency space since 2015, Tavakoli’s experience helps Bloktopia with retail investment in the platform.
  • Find an exchange to buy, sell and trade BLOK by comparing deposit methods, supported fiat currencies and fees.
  • Now go back to BitMart and head to your exchange wallets, don’t worry if you haven’t seen your deposit here.

Please note that this analysis is purely base on BLOK’s historic price actions and is by no means financial advice. Traders should always do their own research and be extra careful while investing in cryptocurrencies. For extra security you may even consider getting a Cryptosteel Capsule from Ledger to store your phrases securely and physically.

Buying Bloktopia: Conclusion

Before making a BLOK/DOT exchange you can always use our price calculator to see the estimated amount of Bloktopia you’ll receive. Simply enter the required amount in US Dollar, and let our BLOK to DOT converter find an approximate rate. We rank top in the quantity of crypto listed among the first-tier exchanges. Instantly Deposit USD via SEPA and FPS with no fees and make a spot trade to purchase Bloktopia. Your MEXC account is the easiest gateway into buying crypto. But before you can buy Bloktopia (BLOK) , you’ll need to open an account and pass KYC (Verify Identification).

How to buy bloktopia

Other opportunities will consist of passive earnings, gambling and advertising. OKX Convert offers free, instant, slippage-free swaps for more than 100 different digital assets including Bloktopia. The Bloktopia metaverse is essentially a 21-level skyscraper where each level houses a specific niche of the blockchain industry. People can explore all these levels to learn about the blockchain space, create their own NFTs, build games, play games, earn money through numerous initiatives and more. Yes, in fact, Europe is one of the easiest places to buy cryptos in general.

Buy Bloktopia with a Credit/Debit Card

You can use BLOK to buy virtual real estate from the Bloktopia marketplace. You can then rent out or lease your initial real estate purchases to earn rewards in BLOK in return. You can also sell your land to earn profits in BLOK after holding it for some time. The BLOK token is already listed on several leading crypto exchanges, including KuCoin.

How to buy bloktopia

But we are not done yet, since BLOK is an altcoin we need to transfer our ETH to an exchange that BLOK can be traded, here we will use MXC as our exchange. MXC is a popular exchange to trade altcoins and it has a large number of tradable altcoins pairs. At the time of the last update of this review (20 March 2020, right in How to buy bloktopia the middle of the crisis with COVID-19), BitMart’s 24 hour trading volume was USD 1.8 billion. This amount placed BitMart on place no. 24 on Coinmarketcap’s the list of exchanges with the highest 24 hour trading volumes. Needless to say, if you start trading here, you will not have to worry about the order book being thin.

Choose how you want to buy the Bloktopia (BLOK) crypto tokens.

Users can come to play games, entertain friends and network through a truly immersive, first-person perspective of a virtual reality world. Now click ‘Submit’ to proceed, you are going to receive a confirmation email instantly, click on the confirmation link in the email and your coins are on their way. This is only possible if you already use another platform and have the cryptocurrency there. If this is not your case, you will have to use the previous way to buy the cryptocurrency. With USDT, go to wallet, search for USDT (Tether) and click on withdraw. Here indicate the KuCoin wallet address of your USDT, and you can have USDT in your KuCoin account paying the lowest commissions.

Within Bloktopia one of the key earning opportunities to investors is via advertising. Bloktopia will work with key brand partners and give them a unique opportunity to advertise within Bloktopia. A proportion of these advertising fees generated will be returned to Bloktopia token holders. Bloktopians will be able to purchase real estate following the BLOK token distribution event (TGE). The real estate will be a valuable commodity within Bloktopia allowing Bloktopians to speculate on the property and either resell for profit or lease for passive income opportunities.

Circulating Supply

Because of the very nature of the wallets in exchanges, they will be always online(“Hot Wallets” as we call them), therefore exposing certain aspects of vulnerabilities. A paper wallet is a type of free cold wallet, it’s basically an offline-generated pair of public and private address and you will have it written somewhere, and keep it safe. However, it is not durable and is susceptible to various hazards.

More about Bloktopia

With your cryptocurrencies purchased, the best way to check that they are in your account is to go to Assets, and Main Account. The Bloktopia price page is just one in Price Index that features price history, price ticker, market cap, and live charts for the top cryptocurrencies. To check Bloktopia’s price live in the fiat currency of your choice, you can use’s converter feature in the top-right corner of this page. Bloktopia tokens act as an access pass to numerous events and experiences in Bloktopia’s VR metaverse. Buy Bloktopia tokens to gain first dibs for pre-sales and whitelists. However, with a stead growth over the past three months, BLOK has the potential to grow further and may yield some very decent gains.

What factors influence the price of BLOK?

Follow the next step to finish your identity verification. These steps are a bit daunting especially when you are waiting to buy an asset but just like any other financial institutions, UpHold is regulated in most countries such as the US, the UK and the EU. You can take this as a trade-off to using a trusted platform to make your first crypto purchase. Good news is that the whole so-called Know-Your-Customers (KYC) process is now fully automated and it shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes to finish. The auditorium will host immersive and interactive video presentations from crypto influencers and will constitute part of the key events in the Bloktopia metaverse.

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