Maximizing the value of your Salesforce implementations continues after you go live. How do you continually succeed in today’s rapidly changing environment? How do you shift operations, implement new ways of working, and think deeply about your company’s overall approach to technology? Building and scaling your Salesforce expertise requires ongoing aligning with your teams, Salesforce, and partners on a strategic, multi-year vision. Join Salesforce and Accenture to learn how to work jointly with your ecosystem of experts and lay the foundation for long-term success.

How do I create a CRM roadmap

For instance, the original prototypes for contacts, sales, cases, activities, and notes are in this build. Ask about Salesforce products, pricing, implementation, or anything else. Take a closer look at how the world’s #1 CRM solution helps companies of all sizes grow faster.

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So how do you ensure that you choose a CRM solution suited for your present and future needs? Without a CRM roadmap, your implementation project is bound to fail. Whether you are investing in desktop software, a web app, a mobile app, or SaaS, CRM solutions are a financial investment. Without a CRM roadmap, you will blindly implement a CRM system and hope that it meets the needs of your business. On the other hand, if you choose a CRM solution that does not fit your business’s short and long-term objectives or reflect its priorities, you will have wasted valuable time and financial resources. Matthew has over 15 years experience exclusively serving nonprofit organizations with technology solutions to drive fundraising, communication and mission-focused growth.

  • This customer relationship management product targets small and large businesses.
  • User accounts can be split between admins, managers, and members.
  • Let’s go over some of the most important goals that you probably want to remember during your CRM system implementation.
  • That’s hard to say, as it depends on the roadmap scope as well as how acquainted your company is with the project roadmap format.
  • This helps develop buy-in from the senior management team and the operations staff.

Excitingly, in 2007 Microsoft released their first online implementation. Additionally, 4.0 greatly increases a business’ ability to customize operations with multiple tenancy. The process of product management does not fall under a linear progression. If something major happens in the market (e.g., a new federal regulation), you may want to modify certain features. Although you could create a roadmap using graphic software, templates can make your life easier. Below, you can find a selection of product roadmap templates to get started.

Defining Your CRM Objectives and Goals

Make sure your colleagues know why it’s important to collect lead and customer information, keep it accurate and updated, and know how you want to use it. This is especially useful across departments; if marketing knows certain information that can improve retention and logs it in the system, this is beneficial for the whole company. You can also implement a commission calculator in your CRM platform, adding a clear incentive for the sales team. A team that understands the benefits of a CRM will certainly be more dedicated in using it. If you’re struggling to retain or grow your customer base, this presentation is for you!

How do I create a CRM roadmap

Unique features are those capabilities/functions that enable distinctive company processes or industry-specific capabilities. These are the features you use to give you a competitive advantage over similar SMBs in your market. This data needs to be integrated in your new tool in order for you to continue working with them. The quality of those data is key in order to have a tool that works the best. Make sure that you have a plan and the correct set up to maintain this quality.


Either way, here are six next-level considerations to address in your CRM strategy. If you need more of a 101-type of approach to CRM strategy, here are some points you want to address. And trying to rush through the process is a surefire way to mess critical areas of the process up. Team meetings are also exceptionally perfect for getting feedback from the newCRM users themselves — AKA your team. Instead, carefully choose who your “superstars” are for each task or process. Once you’ve got a hang of things, it’s time to bring everyone else on board.

But we see many companies that never get the fullest potential from their CRM software purely because they don’t want to try new things out. The tutorials should be your starting point, so you at least have some idea of what to do. Then, as you uncover more features and pieces, you can continue to refer back and reference them. When you hit that wall, normally your only option would be to increase your hiring capacity. With a CRM, however, you can stretch even a small team’s capabilities without burning them out. That’s where CRMs come in — with organization and automation capabilities.

Template 4: CRM Application Dashboard PowerPoint Presentation

Otherwise, everyone’s excitement begins to wane, which can put a real damper on the project before it ever gets off the ground. Join a community of developers and designers that innovate and drive growth for B2B businesses around the world. Net Promoter Score measures how willing users are to recommend you to their friends and colleagues.

How do I create a CRM roadmap

Are you ready to explore how Dynamics 365 can support the business needs of your company? Engage with Barash Consulting for a crm software development no-obligation assessment of your existing system. Consequently, this on-premise only product contains basic functionality.

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To improve this part of product roadmapping, you could map user stories — an engaging activity where all stakeholders are involved in identifying features important to customers. An Agile product roadmap is a flexible, sequential plan that maps out different phases of product development. Teams iterate and change the roadmap as they move through the process.

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