An AWS Certified Security Specialty certification is the ideal approach to demonstrate your knowledge and abilities. At Intellipaat, you can enroll in either the instructor-led online training or self-paced training. Apart from this, Intellipaat also offers corporate training for organizations to upskill their workforce.

  • O’Reilly members get unlimited access to books, live events, courses curated by job role, and more from O’Reilly and nearly 200 top publishers.
  • Hence my interest in the AWS Certified Security — Specialty certification.
  • Module 5 has two lessons to cover the fourth exam question domain, called “Identity and Access Management.” Lesson 7 will detail the mechanisms for permissions and roles.
  • Its vendor-neutral certification deepens your proficiency with a broader mastery of cloud security.

Some video courses offer hands-on labs to practise what you learn during the course. For example, A Cloud Guru offers hands-on labs as part of their subscription offering and the security course has several labs as video content that you can practise on your own AWS account. Overall, the AWS Certified Security Specialty certification is highly regarded in the industry as a mark of expertise in AWS security services and best practices. It can help individuals validate their technical skills, advance their careers, and achieve personal satisfaction and achievement.

AWS Certified Security Specialty: Exam Overview

Network packet inspection is typically provided via 3rd party tools, make sure to know that when you receive questions about securing your network with IDS/IPS packet inspection. AWS Artifact provides on-demand access to security and compliance reports from AWS and ISVs who sell their products on AWS Marketplace. In this section, I’ve bundled up my notes which you can use when you’re preparing for the AWS Certified Security Specialty exam. Further on in the guide, a more detailed explanation is added to each domain to give a rough idea of what you should know. Here are the detailed steps to help you pass the AWS Certified Security Specialty exam.

For the AWS exam I created Trello cards for the resources I wanted to study (i.e. videos, white papers, hands-on labs, etc.) as well as for the practicalities (e.g. booking the exam). Intellipaat is offering you the most updated, relevant, and high-value real-world projects as part of the training program. This way, you can implement the learning that you have acquired in real-world industry setup. All training comes with multiple projects that thoroughly test your skills, learning, and practical knowledge, making you completely industry-ready. The AWS certified security specialty training course provided is in line with the final exam syllabus and covers detailed knowledge of the concepts.

AWS Certified Security Course Content

I’ve curated the things that you should know for the exam, which means that the technical notes in this blog post are very dense and to the point. If you wish to dive deeper, then you can always read further in the links that I’ve provided above. This guide contains the notes that I created during the preparation for the AWS Certified Security Specialty exam. I’ve mostly used the content that was provided for free by AWS using their AWS Skillbuilder program, AWS Whitepapers, and the official AWS documentation.

Although 150 questions seem low, comparing to what you will find in WhizLabs, I found Jon’s questions always have similar structures and length as the real ones I got in the AWS certification exams. I did not take the WhizLabs test exams this time so although my score is only at low 800’s, I am pretty happy with the score based on the time I spent. CCSP turns the focus on cloud security, testing candidates’ skills and knowledge across six cloud security domains. It validates your ability to design, manage and secure data, applications and infrastructure in any cloud environment, while also following the best practices established by (ISC)². I prepared for the exam using a mix of study materials which included videos, books, AWS documentation and white papers, and hands-on labs. I personally find useful to mix the course material as it reinforces my learning.

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They helped me in preparing for the final AWS examination and the projects too. At Intellipaat, we offer one practice test, along with the course, for you to get a basic idea of the format of the real exam and the questions that are asked in it. Appreciate Intellipaat for helping me move to the cloud domain and get promoted to Azure technical lead.

  • I have tried my best to structure the notes and keep it up-to-date, but services and configuration around them changes frequently and hence refer to AWS documentation for specific details.
  • Moving on to the preparation, I’ve written technical notes which highlight all the important details regarding security that are worth remembering for the exam.
  • An AWS certification, on the other hand, establishes your cloud credibility and competency as a person.

Looking at the list of AWS online documentations, I found it is indeed a long list for me to prepare for this exam. However, now I look back, I find the time was well spent and I have really learned a lot more in security on AWS and I am more confident to talk about security now. If you have time or want to learn more, do some research and you will find them on YouTube. Achieving CCSP certification provides the added benefit of membership in (ISC)², the world’s largest nonprofit association of cybersecurity professionals, more than 150,000 members strong. CCSP complements AWS Certified Security – Specialty certification by elevating your expertise in the cloud. CCSP expands upon vendor-specific cloud certifications with comprehensive knowledge and skills in security frameworks.

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